Chicken Farmers of Ontario


Chicken Farmers of Ontario provides leadership to a growing chicken industry in the province that boasts the largest chicken producer, processor and consumer base in the country. Ontario farmers grow more than 200 million chickens every year, producing over 450 million live kilograms annually, which is valued at more than 720 million dollars before it leaves the farm. Representing over 1,000 successful, independent Ontario chicken farmers, Chicken Farmers of Ontario ensures Ontario consumers enjoy a reliable supply of premier quality Ontario chicken.

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CFO Board Director, Murray Opsteen (left) and Tony Read, CFO Connects Program Lead celebrate the official launch of CFO Connects, leading edge technology for enhanced industry service at the CFO Connects Launch Party, held at the London Poultry Show on April 9, London, Ontario.  20 CFO farmer-members attended the first of five CFO Connects: Trace workshops held on April 17 at CFO's head office in Burlingon. For more information on the workshops, dates and locations please click here