Chicken Farmers of Ontario

  • Continuing the shift from paper to digital supply management system communications and transactions - September 25, 2014 : click here
  • Chicken Farmers of Ontario Launches New Specialty Breeds Chicken Program to Support Growing and Diverse Consumer Markets - September 11, 2014 : click here / cliquez ici
September 26, 2014 - SMAT (Specialty Markets Advisory Team) meets at CFO's head office in Burlington. SMAT, consisting of industry representatives, will facilitate growth for the Specialty Breeds market in Ontario by developing relationships between chicken industry value chain stakeholders. Pictured here from L-R: Richard Yau - Specialty Distributor, Glen Halfyard - Industry Consultant, Jim Ebert -  Specialty Grower, Mike Philp - CFO, Earl Martin - ENS Poultry, Ken Frey - Frey's Hatchery, Scott Nieuwland - Specialty Grower, Rob Dougans - CFO.

September 24, 2014 - Mike Philp, CFO's Specialty Breeds Chicken Program Team Lead, speaks to farmers from across the province as part of an information session series presenting the new Specialty Breeds business opportunity and how to become involved. Pictured here: St. Jacobs Specialty Breeds information session. For more information on the Specialty Breeds Chicken Program, and for additional information session dates and locations visit: