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50th Anniversary


In 2015 Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO) celebrated its 50th Anniversary as a supply management Board. For fifty years it has provided effective responsible supply management leadership in a world and marketing environment that has evolved many times over.

For this economic system to have succeeded as effectively as it has, it has taken hard work from many farmer-members, farm‑families and CFO staff, a tremendous amount of political and consumer support and good will and, beyond all, the willingness of the system stewards to evolve supply management to ensure it continues to meet the needs of an ever changing world.

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In 2015, CFO ran a special program to recognize and celebrate 50 years of successful supply management leadership for the Ontario chicken industry. Activities included:

  • A special 50th Anniversary Annual General Meeting with guest speakers
  • Release of the 50th Anniversary commemorative video
  • Hosting of regional 50th Anniversary celebrations
  • Distributuon of 50th Anniversary branded material
  • Building of a Speakers' Bureau - promoting discussion on supply management's advances throughout the years
  • Marketing built around the new 50th Anniversary logo