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Industry Partnerships

Foodland Ontario Logo
Foodland Ontario helps consumers choose fresh, delicious food from close to home, all while supporting local farmers and businesses. CFO is a proud supporter of Foodland Ontario and its promotion of locally grown food, including fresh, healthy chicken grown by CFO farmer-members. For more information on Foodland Ontario visit
Feather Board Command Centre Logo
A central element of CFO's risk management strategy is its active engagement and participation in the Feather Board Command Centre (FBCC). Founded three years ago, the FBCC has centralized the emergency response capabilities of the chicken, egg, turkey and hatchery sectors in Ontario. For more information on the FBCC visit
Farm & Food Care Ontario Logo
CFO is a proud supporter of Farm & Food Care Ontario. An organization  bringing farmers, agricultural professionals, related businesses, government organizations and other groups together with a mandate to provide credible information on food and farming in Ontario. For more information on Farm & Food Care Ontario visit
Poultry Industry Council Logo
The Poultry Industry Council (PIC) is a non-profit corporation that delivers poultry extension services, event coordination, and project and program management while supporting research capacity for the betterment of the Ontario industry. CFO partners with the Poultry Industry Council on research, education and events. For more information on The Poultry Industry Council visit
Ontario Association of Food Banks Logo
The Ontario Association of Food Banks (OAFB) is a network of 125 direct member food banks and over 1,100 affiliate hunger-relief programs and agencies across the province. CFO is pleased to announce a partnership with OAFB enabled by CFO's Food Bank Donation Program - helping to facilitate the donation of up to 300 chickens per farmer each year to local food banks. For more information on the Ontario Association of Food Banks visit