Fresh Ideas, Growing Together

Team Ontario

CFO is committed to building a profitable, growing and sustainable industry that successfully evolves to meet the changing needs of Ontario's chicken farmers, industry value chain and consumers.

A key driver of meeting that goal rests in the ongoing collaborative efforts of Team Ontario, a three-party committee consisting of the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission, Chicken Farmers of Ontario and the Association of Ontario Chicken Processors.

Team Ontario meets regularly to discuss and resolve industry issues, collaborate on solutions and jointly engage political stakeholders at industry events.

In December 2014 - February 2015, Team Ontario conducted a series of Allocating Future Growth Consultations across the province. CFO, Association of Chicken Processors and Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission are jointly committed to working with and encouraged participation by the broadest possible range of relevant stakeholders who have an interest in or who may be affected by decisions resulting from the consultation exercise.

Access more information on Team Ontario's Allocating Future Growth process.