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Allocating Future Growth

The Ontario chicken industry is well positioned to grow over the next few years as a result of both market fundamentals as well as the resolution of a national differential growth solution which will bring additional production to Ontario. This growth in the Ontario chicken industry will not only stimulate broad economic benefits for the province, it will positively contribute to the Government of Ontario’s stated objective of creating an additional 120,000 new jobs in the food and agricultural sector by 2020.

Growth in both established and emerging chicken markets presents a real opportunity for the industry to review existing mechanisms of allocating growth, assess the current system and provide the basis for exploring new ways to administer growth to both producers and processors.

Allocating Future Growth Consultations were facilitated by Bryan Boyle & Associates and conducted between December 11, 2014 and February 10, 2015.  Views were gathered through 17 facilitated meetings and online submissions, collecting direct input from over 600 individuals representing a wide range of stakeholders and interest groups.

CLICK HERE to access the Chicken Board Focused on Growing the Ontario Chicken Industry, CFO Announces Series of Programs on Allocating Growth News Release. 

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Consultations were held for all key stakeholder groups. For further information on the consultation process contact
Consultation Background Information
A Synopsis of the current allocation system