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Raised by an Ontario Farmer

Ontario chicken is raised on family-owned and operated farms located throughout Ontario. Chicks are delivered to the farms from hatcheries when they are one day old, and the birds have unlimited access to a healthy feed mix consisting of corn and soybeans and clean water throughout their five to eight week growing cycle.

Ontario farmers provide constant attention to their barn conditions to ensure the growing environment for their flock is optimal and their chickens are healthy and properly cared for. Barn temperatures are closely monitored to ensure the birds are comfortable and protected from the elements. In addition, all barns are equipped with effective ventilation systems to ensure the air is always fresh.

Ontario’s commercial chicken farmers also follow strict biosecurity protocols to protect the health of their flocks. All chicken grown by Canadian farmers is hormone and steroid free.

Ontario consumers understand the benefits of having access to a stable supply of safe, healthy, fresh, locally grown chicken. Ontario’s chicken farmers are regularly audited to ensure they adhere to strict mandatory quality assurance programs. They are also required to meet all national and Ontario on-farm food safety and biosecurity standards, stringent animal care regulations and farm worker safety program requirements. CFO and its farmer-members are working to help strengthen Canada’s food safety system and continue to ensure that Ontario consumers have access to the high quality chicken they deserve.

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