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Chick Supply Optimization

Welcome to the Chick Supply Optimization Resource Section

In 2016, Chicken Farmers of Ontario announced a chick supply optimization project with the goal of ensuring a safe, sustainable, assured supply of chicks to meet Ontario’s current and future growth, as well as the distinct characteristics of the Ontario business.
CFO is determined to work with the very best chick suppliers to achieve mutual goals in a way that’s responsible and an exemplar of integrity. The scale, diversity, and growth of our chicken business, as well as the importance of chicks to ensuring production optimization and reliability, anchors this initiative.
The responsibility of CFO farmer-members is to produce 100% of their production allocation. The goal is to deliver production volume and marketing time commitments, consistent quality in line with processor-customer specifications and with the assurance of high standards of animal welfare. Chick supply is critical to this initiative and CFO farmer-members believe in challenging, but fair business relationships that are open, honest and built on trust.
The CFO Chick Supply Optimization initiative was anchored in extensive consultations across Ontario with CFO farmer-members, the Ontario Broiler Hatching Egg and Chick Commission (OBHECC), individual hatcheries, primary processors, and other industry value chain stakeholders. The goal is to better understand the chick supply environment, to define the current challenges and opportunities for assured quality, service, and supply, and to seek value creating ideas and solutions.

Last year, CFO farmer-members purchased 226 million chicks costing $164 million. Stated another way, on an average day, there are approximately 620,000 chicks placed on 24 different Ontario chicken farms.

In September 2016, 540 farmer-members responded to a formal Chick Supply Optimization survey and provided extensive quantitative data that further confirmed the importance of this strategic initiative. Following analysis, results were shared with farmer-members and industry. Results can be accessed below. 
CFO is supportive of a sector-wide standards baseline that would provide all farmer-members with assurance that the chick provider they choose will meet certain basic requirements. This standards baseline would include relevant, accurate and reliable information about the chicks that farmers are buying and will receive at their farms. 
Here you will find the latest information on CFO’s Chick Supply Optimization initiative, including helpful chick placement and brooding management resources.

Farmer-Member Chick Placement and Brooding Management Checklist

Liste to vérification - Placement des poussins et gestion du démarrage

OBHECC Information 



Farmer-Member Chick Supply Optimization Survey Results

Farmer-Member Consultation Report - GRIMSBY

Farmer-Member Consultation Report - LONDON

Farmer-Member Consultation Report - WALKERTON

Farmer-Member Consultation Report - ST. ISIDORE 


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Ross Broiler Management Handbook

Euthanasia Chick Poster

Aviagen Brooding Checklist

Aviagen Tip - Measuring Vent Temperatures Accurately

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