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OBHECC Dispute Process Information

Chick Quality and understanding price and adjustment procedures

Part of the Ontario Broiler Hatching Egg and Chick Commission's (OBHECC's) Mission is "serving the poultry industry's needs by delivering safe, quality products of  value to stakeholders and customers." For broiler farmers, this means safe, quality broiler chicks. As broiler chicks are a live product with inherent variability, despite the best efforts of hatching egg producers, hatcheries and the application of modern technology and science, chick quality issues arise on occasion. The focus of the following article is what to do if chick quality becomes a concern at your farm. 

Steps when addressing chicken quality

The first step is to contact your hatchery and in more serious cases involving mortaility, a veterinarian. Often this is all that it takes as the vast majority of chick quality concerns are resolved by the selling hatchery. As any price adjustment can be construed to be a minimum price violation, OBHECC regulations provide hatcheries with the opportunity to make a price adjustment for broiler producers for reasons of chick quality. 

Adjustment Panel

Infrequently, a broiler farmer and the selling hatchery are not able to come to an accord on a settlement. In that case, the broiler farmer has the option to request OBHECC to convene an Adjustment Panel which is also detailed in the regulation on Price and Adjustment Procedures.

OBHECC must receive the request for adjustment, no later than 21 days following chick placement.

The broiler farmer will be required to provide OBHECC with:

  • a completed delivery slip for the chick placement in dispute;
  • a veterinarian's report (detailing the quality issue and number of chicks affected);
  • original mortality records for the subject flock;
  • any other documentation requested. 
The Panel consists of three members plus a veterinarian in an advisory role. Panel members will include two OBHECC. Directors, one appointed from the Ontario Broiler Chicken Hatching Egg Producer's Association and one from the Ontario Hatcheries Association. One of the Directors will be the Chair of the Panel. The third member will be from the OBHECC. inspection staff and will act as a Recording Secretary. The broiler farmer may attend with witnesses including the attending veterinarian. 

Following the adjustment panel hearing, the Panel will make a recommendation to the OBHECC Board. The Panel will only make a determination with respect to the chick price. If a refund is required, the hatchery will provide payment within seven days after receiving notice of the Board's decision.

Want more information?

For more information regarding the Adjustment Panel or to receive a copy of the specific regulation, please contact the Ontario Broiler Hatching Egg and Chick Commission at or call (519) 837-0005 and ask for Chris Lillie, Information Systems Administrator.