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CFO Cares Food Bank Donation Program

The CFO Cares Food Bank Donation Program is made possible in part by the Ontario Association of Food Banks, and enables chicken donations to local food banks ensuring that a steady supply of fresh, locally-grown chicken is available to Ontarians in need. Ontario's food banks serve 360,000 adults and children every month.

Now entering its fourth year, the CFO Cares food bank donation program has provided over 1.5 million fresh chicken meals to community food banks across the province. 

Let's Keep the Momentum Going - Help Relieve Hunger Today! 

Farmer-Members, here's what you need to know: 

  • Each CFO farmer-member enrolled in the CFO Food Bank Donation Program is eligible to grow 700 kgs per year. The chicken you grow will be donated into the Ontario food bank system with the help of the Ontario Association of Food Banks. If you would like to donate your chicken to a local food bank within your community, that is also an option.
  • Once you have marketed your chicken to your processor and have been paid by your processor, CFO will invoice you for the exact amount and will then arrange for chicken to be donated on your behalf.
  • The Ontario Association of Food Banks (or your local food bank - should you choose this route) will issue you a tax receipt early in the following year based on your donation. A reminder that the Government of Ontario offers a Tax Credit Benefit for Farmers.

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