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CFO Cares Farmers to Food Banks Program

CFO Cares Farmers to Food Banks Program

Every year, 500,000 Ontarians rely on food banks in order to eat.
Feed Ontario (formerly the Ontario Association of Food Banks) is continuously working to fight food insecurity in our province by feeding 360,000 adults and children every month. They have an urgent need for fresh food outside of traditional non-perishable items, and that’s where we come in. They need our help.
The CFO Cares Farmers to Food Banks program is our way of giving back in the best way we know, with the resources we already have. This program makes it possible for each of us to donate 300 chickens (700kgs) each year to local food banks, providing them with a steady supply of fresh, locally grown chicken. It’s that simple.
Since 2015, the CFO Cares Farmers to Food Banks program has provided over 5 million fresh chicken meals to community food banks across the province. If you haven’t already signed up, what’s stopping you? Join your fellow farmers in the fight against food insecurity.
Because a little good can help a lot.
Click here to watch the Farmers to Food Banks program video.
Here's what you need to know:

  • Register for the program and designate your food bank, or give to food banks in greatest need
  • Donate 700kgs of chicken once per year
  • After marketing, you have 7 days to designate your donation in any complete quota period
  • CFO will invoice you for the 700kg donation at the minimum live price
  • In partnership with Feed Ontario, CFO will arrange for the delivery of fresh chicken to food banks across Ontario
  • You’ll receive a tax receipt for the retail value of the donation 
What’s next?
All you have to do is sign up.
Spread a little homegrown good. Donate today!


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