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Frequently Asked Questions - Food Bank Donation Program

How does the CFO Cares Program work?
The CFO Cares - Farmers to Food Banks program helps fight hunger by enabling farmer-members to donate their fresh chicken to local food banks in their community and across Ontario. To register for the program using the online form please CLICK HERE, or call the CFO Office at (905) 637-0025 and ask for the CFO Cares Program Coordinator.

The program works as follows:
  • Farmer-member registers for the CFO Cares program
  • Farmer-member grows the additional birds with their current flock and sends them to the processor at the end of the growing period
  • Farmer-member is paid by the processor, less fees & levies, for all the chicken produced
  • Once becoming aware of the total processed kilograms (KG), the farmer-member contacts CFO to designate a 700KG donation in that quota period – up to 7 days after marketing.  This may be done in any complete quota period, once per year
  • CFO invoices the farmer-member for the 700KG donation at the minimum live price
  • The food bank donation is recorded on the farmer-member’s Production Summary
  • CFO works with its partner, Feed Ontario (formerly known as the Ontario Association of Food Banks) to purchase and deliver chicken to food banks across Ontario
  • In February, Feed Ontario or the local food bank issues a tax receipt to farmer-member for the market value of the 700KG of chicken donated in the previous year
Note: Depending on the farm operation, additional chicks may need to be ordered to meet the preferred donation volume of 700KG.

How do I sign up for the program?
Signing up is easy. CLICK HERE to go to the online form or call the CFO Office at (905) 637-0025 and ask for the CFO Cares Program Coordinator. You may also email to request registration in the program.  Please include your contact information and CFO Connects 4-digit farm number. 
When can I sign up for the program?
Farmer-members may register for the program at anytime.  Please keep in mind that farmer-members may not register and designate their donation in the same quota period. 
What’s the difference between registering for the program and designating a donation?
Registering is signing up or pledging a donation to the CFO Cares program once in a calendar year. Designating a donation is when the farmer-member informs CFO which quota period they would like to make their donation – this may be completed up to 7 days after your marketing date. The earlier the farmer-member registers for the program in the calendar year, the more quota periods they have available to designate their donation. 

Please note: farmer-members may not register and designate a donation in the same quota period.
Can I donate to my local foodbank?
Yes, you can! Feed Ontario (formerly known as the Ontario Association of Food Banks) has food banks across Ontario. CLICK HERE to find a food bank in your community.

If your preferred local food bank does not appear on the Feed Ontario website, CFO Cares may arrange a delivery to your preferred food bank. Donations to non-Feed Ontario members is dependent on the food bank’s capacity for storing chicken; ability to receive deliveries; and ability to provide CFO a recent public health inspection and certificate of safe food handling.  Once a donation is directed to a preferred food bank, CFO will work directly with the food bank to make all necessary arrangements.

How much may I donate and how often?
Farmer-members may donate up to 700KG or roughly 300 birds once per calendar year.
May I donate more or less than the 300 chickens or 700 kilograms?
The maximum donation permitted is 700 kilograms per farm, per year. Due to administrative and delivery costs, CFO Cares prefers all donations to be a minimum of 400KG – any less than this amount means that the cost of delivering the donation may outweigh the value of the donation. For farmer-members wishing to donate less than 400KG, they may do so by using the home consumption/small donation form (Form 36).

What if I have a poor crop and cannot make my registered donation?
Your donation may be moved to any complete quota period within the same calendar year.  
What happens if I register and don’t designate a quota period during the calendar year?
All CFO Cares program registrants MUST donate once per calendar year.  If a farmer-member does not designate a donation during the first five quota periods of the year, the 700KG donation will automatically be designated to the LAST COMPLETE quota period of the calendar year.
May I donate more than one time per year, or spreading my donation out over several quota periods?
Farmer-members are restricted to a maximum of 700KG donation annually.  A single donation of 700KG is preferred to reduce the administrative and delivery costs.      
Do I need to order extra chicks?
To reach the preferred 700KG donation volume, farmer-members may order additional chicks for the quota period in which they plan to donate. 
When will I receive a tax receipt?
Farmer-members that donate will receive a tax receipt for the market value of the chicken donated.  Tax receipts will be issued directly to the farmer-member from Feed Ontario or the local charitable food bank that received the donation.  Tax receipts will be issued annually in February.
Why does CFO ask if we are willing to be recognized for our donation?
CFO is asking farmer-members for their permission to publicly recognize those who have donated to the CFO Cares Program.  Recognition may include such things as an invitation to an event, publication in CFO’s annual report or direct communication from the local food bank receiving the donation.

Who can I call for more information on the program?
Please call the CFO Cares Coordinator at the CFO Head office at (905) 637-0025 or email