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Farm-Gate Minimum Live Price

The Farm-Gate Minimum Live Price (FGMLP) is governed by Ontario Regulation 402 made under the Farm Products Marketing Act which was last amended in 2015.


Since quota period A-129, the FGMLP has been based on a cost of production formula (COPF) which was developed in 2013, and which was envisioned to be in place for five years.

A new COPF is in the process of being approved. The CFO Board has been working with our processors and the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission to bring about the much-needed change in a responsible and timely manner.

While we await the new COPF, sector stability is being maintained with the FGMLP being determined under the current Regulation 402. For A-168, the FGMLP continues to be fully responsive to changes in feed and chick prices.

The CFO Board will provide information on the status of the new COPF as there are any further developments to report.

Chicken Farmers of Canada (CFC) Levy Accrual

The CFC levy is a fixed item of $0.0044 per kilogram in the current pricing regulation. The CFC levy increased in A-157 to $0.0055 per kilogram, and in A-163 it has increased to $0.0057 per kilogram.

The Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission has been requested to make a corresponding adjustment by the way of a regulation amendment. In the meantime, for A-157 and any intervening periods before such regulatory change becomes effective - CFO and Ontario chicken processors have agreed that the amount of the increase will be accrued and applied in subsequent quota periods.