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A-169 vs. A-168

Farm Gate Minimum Live Price A-169 vs. A-168
The table below shows the farm gate minimum live prices for A-168 vs. A-169 quota periods. The price increase is $0.11/kg.
A-168 was priced using the old regulation that had been in effect from January 15, 2015, and A-169 has been priced using the amendments to the regulation that were made on February 5, 2021. Using the new FGMLP formula for A-169 in the scenario where the OABA reported feed prices and OBHECC chick prices had remained unchanged from A-168, the increase in the FGMLP would have been $0.0496/kg.

A-169 vs. A-168 ($/kg)
  A-168 a-169
Feed Line Item 1 0.865 0.831
Feed Efficiency Adjustment 3 -0.044  
Feed Cost 0.821 0.831
Chick Cost 2 0.405 0.412
Producer Margin    
Operational and Capital Costs 4 0.539 0.541
Levies and License Fees Before Recovery 0.020 0.022
CFC Levy Accrual Recovery for Ontario   0.001
Volume Adjustment 3 -0.061  
Producer Efficiency Adjustment 3 -0.028  
AI Insurance 0.002 0.002
Modular Loading Cost Recovery 0.012 0.012
Farm-Gate Minimum Live Price 1.709 1.820

  1. The feed prices for A-168 and A-169 were $0.47706/kg and $0.51145/kg, respectively.
  2. The chick prices for A-168 and A-169 were $0.8674/chick and $0.8899/chick, respectively.
  3. Volume Adjustment, Producer Efficiency Adjustment, and Feed Efficiency Adjustments (which are shown in red) were the three annual adjustments that were mandatory and prescribed in Regulation 402 from January 15, 2015 to February 4, 2021.

    Following regulation amendment on February 5, 2021, these mandatory and prescribed annual adjustments are no longer part of the regulation.

    The Producer Efficiency Adjustment has been eliminated. The Feed Efficiency Adjustment is also eliminated and replaced with any necessary adjustment to the feed conversion ratio in each quota period. The annual volume adjustment is also eliminated and is replaced with various productivity factors that are updated annually. Annual updates can be discussed and negotiated annually by the negotiating agency.
  4. For comparison purposes, the value for Operational and Capital Costs for A-168 on this page does not include Levies and License Fees.