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Terms and Conditions

The processor shall pay the farmer an additional 3 cents/kg above the applicable category price for all loads when all the following conditions are met:
  • The farmer makes more than 2 distinct shipments
  • The extra shipments are a result of processor requests
  • The shipments are all made from the same registered premises
  • The shipments are all made from chicks placed on the same day
  • The loads are less than 8,000 kgs and are not made in conjunction with other loads to the same processor during  the same shipment
  • Where a farmer is contracted to more than one processor, the above conditions cannot be met as a result of combining shipments made to the two or more processors the farmer is contracted with
For loads less than 8,000 kgs not made in conjunction with other loads to the same processor during the same shipment, the following price schedule shall apply for the weight ranges indicated below when shipped at the processors request:

Average Live Weight fgmlp per kg
Over 2.15 kgs to 2.35 kgs $2.130
Over 2.35 kgs to 2.50 kgs $2.140
Over 2.50 kgs to 2.65 kgs $2.150

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