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Market Development Program

Chicken Farmers of Canada (CFC) adopted a Market Development Policy (MDP) in 2002. Shortly thereafter, CFO introduced the Ontario Market Development program. In developing the program, the CFO Board of Directors had a number of objectives, including:

  • Conform with the national CFC Market Development Policy
  • Be World Trade Organization (WTO) compliant
  • All CFO farmer-members should have the opportunity to participate in the program
  • The program should be fair and equitable to all processors
  • Does not distort or impact domestic production
Processors requesting chicken for Market Development (MD) submit a Total Request for Supply to CFO at least two quota periods prior to the production period. The Total Request for Supply indicates the number of kilograms of chicken requested for MD and the adjusted price that the processor is willing to pay for the MD chicken. CFO then develops a Market Development price adjustment (volume weighted price (cents/kg) for the quota period in question and notifies Ontario farmer-members of the price adjustment 15 to 16 weeks (essentially two quota periods) in advance of the quota period for production.
Farmer-members sign up for Market Development and stay in the program unless they inform CFO that they no longer want to produce chicken for Market Development. Farmer-members agree to grow chicken at the adjusted price in each quota period that processors request supply.
The program is currently under review. 
Quota Period Assessments Sent Cheques Due
    (500 kg reduction if cheques received after dates below) (Additional 1,000 kg reduction if cheques received after dates below)
A-176 23-Mar-22 13-Apr-22 04-May-22
A-177 18-May-22 08-Jun-22 29-Jun-22
A-178 13-Jul-22 03-Aug-22 24-Aug-22
A-179 07-Sep-22 28-Sep-22 19-Oct-22
A-180 02-Nov-22 23-Nov-22 14-Dec-22
A-181 28-Dec-22 18-Jan-23 08-Feb-23

Note:  All dates listed above may be subject to change.