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CFO - Quota Online Marketplace now available

In 2016 the Ontario chicken industry completed the first stage of its digital transformation to the CFO Connects online platform.  In 2017, CFO farmer-members will begin the next stage in this digital transformation as additional features are added to the CFO Connects system. The next stage in this evolution is the move to online ‘notice of intent’ to sell quota units, and online quota transfers. This new feature is known as CFO Marketplace.

This new process will ensure that there is greater transparency in the understanding of the availability of quota units; it will allow sellers greater access to a wider market; and it will alert buyers to the amount of units available. It will also eliminate the need for farmers to rely on intermediaries to find buyers or sellers for quota offers.

As of March 2017, CFO farmer-members wishing to sell or transfer their quota must register their ‘notice of intent’ on CFO Connects in the new CFO Marketplace section. This registration will include the number of units available, the quota period for which it will be available, as well as any applicable contact information. 

For farmer-members wishing to sell quota to a third party for A-147, the notice of intent must be posted on or before May 6, 2017. The portal functionality to complete your quota transfer for A-147 will be available on May 7, 2017, sellers and buyers will conduct the transfer process on-line (no more paper forms), to note, the system will check that the notice of intent was created prior to May 7, 2017 and this is a mandatory requirement for the Board to approve your transfer request.

CFO will be providing more information on the digital transfer process and step-by-step instructions on how to complete your quota transfer for A-147, the instructions on how to create a notice of intent are currently posted in the “Support Tab” that can be accessed by logging into CFO Connects

For more information, please contact Ray Hinton, Vice-President, Finance at or 289-288-4204.