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Loading and Transportation Best Practices During Extreme Cold

Animal welfare is of significant importance to the Ontario chicken industry. Industry recognizes that there are times when environmental conditions are extreme and do not favour the humane transportation of chicken. Stakeholder understanding of their responsibilities for bird welfare, along with clear and effective communication of expectations among stakeholders, is critical for effective decision making when making this assessment. Extreme cold, snow and wind chill are a reality of the climate in Ontario. Accordingly, the industry must be ready to make decisions that appropriately consider the welfare of broiler chickens.

All stakeholders are expected to make all reasonable efforts to raise, catch, load, transport and process chickens humanely. Loading of birds should only occur if environmental conditions favour humane transport. The decision to cancel loading may occur at any point including during the loading process if birds are deemed unfit for travel or environmental conditions do not favour humane transport.
The following best practices are a guide for industry stakeholders in responding to extreme cold, snow and wind chill: 

CLICK HERE to access Loading and Transportation of Broiler Chickens in Ontario During Extreme Cold, Snow and Wind Chill Guide