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Mandatory Washroom Accessibility for On-Farm Workers


March 16, 2016 - This notice serves as an important reminder that all Ontario chicken farms are required to provide hand washing and washroom facilities for on-farm workers pursuant to Quota Policy 211-2015.  
For your reference:

Quota Policy 211-2015
2.38   All production buildings must have the following:

          a) Washroom facilities available when farm workers are present
Options for achieving compliance include a washroom and sink in the barn, shop or building on the farm premise. Another option is supplying a portable washroom when on-farm workers are present.
The Board is continually evolving its policies and regulations which further enable growth and a sustainable chicken industry. Your ongoing commitment to ensuring you are compliant with all aspects of the Board’s governance is appreciated.
Should you have any questions regarding this important reminder, please contact your Field Service Representative.
All CFO Regulations and Policies can be accessed by CLICKING HERE.