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Quota Info

What is quota?

Quota is a licence to produce and market chicken in Ontario. It is issued by Chicken Farmers of Ontario (“CFO”) under authority delegated to it by the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission under the Farm Products Marketing Act. Quota allows a person the privilege of producing and marketing a certain number of kilograms of chicken during a specific period of time as determined by CFO. Quota represents a share of a market. A producer’s share increases or decreases, in terms of the amount of chicken he or she can produce, if there are increases or decreases in Ontario’s national chicken allocation as determined by Chicken Farmers of Canada.

How do I get quota from CFO?

CFO does not issue new quotas. However, existing farmer-members may transfer (sell) quota to other persons. Sellers and buyers of quota must apply to CFO to have quota transferred according to CFO Policy.


If I have a quota, then how much chicken can I get to raise?

The amount of chicken you raise depends on the amount of quota you have. Currently, a farmer-member must have at least 14,000 units of quota. As of December 2015, a unit of quota corresponds to roughly 13.0 kilograms of chicken production on an annualized basis; therefore, the 14,000 unit minimum quota would result in about 182,000 kilograms of chicken production per year (14,000 x 13.0). In 2015 there were 36,450,014 quota units held in Ontario resulting in 2015 production of approximately 489 million kilos of chicken grown by Ontario quota holders.

What else do I have to do to get quota transferred to me?

When you find 14,000 units of quota, you and the seller(s) must apply to CFO to transfer the quota. The 14,000 units can be sourced from more than one CFO farmer-member. There are some Policy requirements that you have to satisfy as indicated elsewhere above. For example, you have to own the farm where the quota is going to be produced and have a barn that complies with CFO Policy.

What is the Fair and Balanced Quota Transfer process?

In 2017, CFO transitioned its quota management process from a paper-based process to the digital online CFO Connects portal.

The digital transfer process provides greater transparency for both buyers and sellers of quota units. It also offer sellers a potentially wider marketplace for their quota, while simultaneously allowing buyers greater visibility on the volume of quota available at any one time. The digital marketplace also improves record keeping and provides farmer-members with a historical account of all quota movements on their file. CLICK HERE for more information on the Fair and Balanced Quota Transfer process. 

Can I raise chicken in Ontario without quota?

Yes! In 2015, CFO introduced a portfolio of programs which enable small-scale farmers to enter the chicken business. To learn more about Ontario's chicken farming options which support local community markets, CLICK HERE