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Quota Transfer

The following are the most commonly used quota transfer forms.

Farmer-Members transferring quota without registered premises must email an Application for Quota Transfer (Form 117) to CFO’s head office on/or before the deadlines listed below.

Please note that as of March 17, 2017 the quota transfer process (for non family-related transfers) has changed.*

*As of March 13, 2017, CFO farmer-members wishing to transfer their quota units must register their notice of intent to transfer quota on CFO Connects in the new CFO Marketplace section. This registration will include the number of units available, the quota period for which it will be available, as well as any applicable contact information. 

This new feature will ensure that there is greater transparency in the quota transfer process, including providing an understanding of the availability of quota units; it will allow those transferring units (transferor) an opportunity to communicate to a wider market; and it will provide those interested in units to information on the number of units available and the location.  It will also eliminate the need for farmers to rely on intermediaries to find those involved in quota transfers.

Please note that the notice of intent does not apply to transfers to family members.

For more information contact:

Ray Hinton
Vice President, Finance and Organizational Productivity

CLICK HERE for Deadline Dates for Quota Transfers without registered premises.