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Advancing Sustainable Production Practices

The Ontario chicken industry is a dynamic industry which is constantly changing to meet new best practice industry standards in the growing, transporting and processing of poultry flocks. These ongoing changes are important in improving the sustainability of the industry for the long term and help ensure that both farmers and processors are well positioned to meet current market expectations and anticipate future changes in consumer demand.
As a premier provider of chicken, CFO is committed to advancing sustainable production in all its operations. To achieve this goal, CFO continues to pursue the highest standards of reliability, safety and efficiency for its farmer-members, to build positive and productive relationships within the supply chain, and to advance industry value creation through ongoing innovation. 

One significant change in how the industry operates is already underway in the Ontario market. That is the drive towards using modular loading for the handling of birds from farm - to transport - to processing. In fact, modular loading offers significant poultry welfare, quality and productivity benefits over crate-based loading systems - including the reduced handling of birds, shorter loading time, reduced exposure to weather conditions and lower incidence of bruising.

It is anticipated that the majority of Ontario chicken processors and chicken farms in Ontario will have made the transition to modular loading over the next few years. Most of the major processors in Ontario are actively discussing the most efficient way for them to transition their organizations over to the modular loading system while several processors have already completed or made the commitment to move into a new modular loading system.