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Barn Requirement Info for Farmer-Members

Effective use of modular loading equipment at the farm has specific requirements with respect to laneways, ceiling heights, loading door heights and widths, weight bearing capacity and external pad areas outside the barn to facilitate efficient and safe loading of the trailers. Requirements are detailed in the following documents: 

CLICK HERE to access Barn Features to Accommodate Modular Loading - Requirements for New Barns (See Modular Loading Regulation - Schedule 1)

CLICK HERE to access Barn Features to Accommodate Modular Loading - Recommendations for Existing Barns (See Modular Loading Regulation - Schedule 2)
Single storey barns are best suited to maximize the benefits of first floor modular loading including significantly reduced loading time and less handling and walking of birds. Side or end door loading can be used if the doors are designed for forklift access.
Most two storey barns can be adapted for modular loading provided that the minimum weight bearing requirements can be met on the second floor. Side door loading from the second floor is achieved by placing the empty modules just inside the load out doors thus the weight bearing requirement is concentrated within the vicinity of the load out doors. Additionally, most two storey barns will require accommodations to laneways and loading doors.
Three storey barns are not recommended for modular loading because the benefits of modular loading are significantly reduced when birds are handed down to the second floor.
Currently, there are almost 2,000 chicken barns in production in Ontario. Most barns or yards will require at least some modification to accommodate modular loading, so it is recommended that farmer-members consult with their processor to better understand their implementation timelines.

Barn modifications are already underway (or completed) for a number of farmers who have implemented or will be implementing modular loading systems on their farms in response to their processor’s transition to modular loading.

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