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Information for Processors

Modular loading systems have substantial animal welfare benefits at the processing plant. In most cases, modular loading systems are coupled with Controlled Atmospheric Stunning (CAS) or gas stunning at the processing plant.
Significant processor investment will be required to transition to CAS, however the benefits are substantial. The use of modular systems has in-plant advantages both in labour-savings (manual unloading and loading of crates will be eliminated) and worker health and safety (wing flapping, noise and dust will be greatly reduced).
A number of Ontario processors have begun their modular loading journeys with plans to implement in the next few years.

Processors who have made the commitment to convert to modular loading are required to declare their commitment to CFO and their farmer-members a minimum of 56 weeks (7 quota periods) in advance of their implementation date.

Once the declaration has been made, processors must work with their farmer-members to confirm the renovations that will be required to the farmer’s barns and/or yard to ensure that modular loading can be successfully implemented at the farm. Farmer-members and processors must agree on the required renovations prior to commencement of the renovation work. This collaborative approach will be prevalent throughout the farmer-member’s transformation to modular loading. The transformation will be guided by a disciplined process with defined timelines.

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