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General Information FAQs

How do modules differ from crates?
Module drawers are typically made of molded plastic much like crates but they are set in a large metal frame that is handled with a forklift. Modules may contain as many as 15 drawers. The drawers have much larger openings than crates so placement of birds during loading is much easier.

Are some barns better suited to modular loading than others?
One-storey barns are best suited to modular loading because poultry health and welfare benefits and loading efficiency are maximized when loading birds off the first floor.

Will all processors use the same modular loading system?
Processors will not necessarily use the same modular loading system, however, the modules from different systems have approximately the same dimensions. Door heights and widths and ceiling clearances identified in the new and existing barn standards will accommodate modules from different systems.

What happens if I change processors after converting my barn to modular loading?
Over time, the majority of processors will convert to modular loading so moving from one processor to another may have little or no impact from the perspective of modular loading. However, in the early phases of the industry’s modular loading transition, it is possible you could end up moving to a processor that has not yet converted to modular loading. In this case, you will need to ensure that traditional crate loading can be accommodated at your farm.