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Modular Loading Process FAQs

How are birds loaded off the second and third floors with modular loading?
Similar to current crate loading protocols, birds on the third floor must be handed down to the second floor for loading. Modular loading from the second floor is accomplished by placing the modules on the second floor through a series of enlarged side doors. Second floor loading requires more walking of birds than loading off the first floor. With first floor loading, the telehandler/forklift enters the barn thus modules are placed in close proximity to the birds whereas with second floor loading, the modules are placed just inside the doors by the telehandler/forklift.

Can birds be loaded outside with modules?
Birds cannot be loaded outside with modules. The modules must be placed in the barn for loading.

What safety measures are taken during loading to ensure that the forklift/telehandler can be operated safely?
All catchers are required to wear a reflective vest during loading and are trained to always stay in front of the telehandler/forklift so they are visible to the driver. Farmer-members are also required to adhere to these guidelines during the loading process.

How is modular loading more efficient than crate loading?
Modular loading off the first floor of a barn is very efficient because the module can be placed in close proximity to the birds thus virtually eliminating walking of the birds to the module. On average, first floor loading takes approximately 45 minutes per trailer. Loading off the second and third floors is not as efficient as first floor loading as birds must be walked to the module that is placed just inside the second floor doors.