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Ontario's Shift Towards Modular Loading

CFO held a series of consultation meetings in the spring and summer of 2016 with farmer-members and other stakeholders to generate input, and to better understand farmer and processor  perspectives and accountabilities with respect to the industry’s transition to modular loading. These meetings provided valuable input on farmer-members' current level of understanding of modular loading requirements and also confirmed their commitment to this important industry transition.
Modular loading of chickens has been widely used throughout the world for some time. Within a few years, it is estimated that the majority of Ontario’s chicken production will be handled using modular loading systems. Adoption of modular loading systems will transform the industry, and will favourably impact animal welfare as well as workplace health and safety.

CLICK HERE to review the results of the province-wide farmer-member and industry consultations on Ontario's shift towards Modular Loading. 


  • The Ontario chicken industry has begun its transition to modular loading in a proactive response towards heightened public expectations regarding animal welfare
  • Modular loading offers a number of poultry welfare, quality and productivity benefits and enhances farm workplace health and safety
  • Within 3 to 5 years, up to 70% of Ontario’s production volume will be marketed using modular loading
  • Most chicken barns in Ontario will require some modifications to prepare for modular loading 
  • Farmer-members are encouraged to consult with their processor to understand their expected timelines for implementation
  • Single-storey barns are best suited to maximize the benefits of modular loading, however, most multi-storey barns can be renovated for modular loading

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