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Ensuring Production Downtime Between Flocks

This statement is for advisory purposes regarding an Ontario chicken industry development which may be governed by CFO’s Regulatory System in the future.

June 14, 2016 - Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO) is collaborating with its farmer-members and industry value chain to achieve its goal of continually enhancing quality, reducing risk, improving productivity and building sustainable and profitable growth for the Ontario chicken industry.

CFO farmer-members are reminded of the importance of maximizing production downtime between flocks to reduce the pathogen load for food safety and poultry health purposes. CFO farmer members are advised to follow the highly recommended best management practices to allow for a minimum of 14 days in-between flock shipping and new placement. CFO farmer-members are strongly recommended to coordinate scheduling of flock shipping and placement with their processor and hatchery in order to comply with the advised production downtime. 
The current OFFSP manual also directs farmer-members to optimize their cleaning and disinfection protocols by removing manure from the barn within 48 hours of shipping, and to begin cleaning and disinfecting immediately. Barn access should be minimized to avoid recontamination after cleaning.   
Implementing these recommendations is strongly encouraged for all farmer-members.
CFO’s mission is to lead positive change and build value as Canada’s premier provider of trusted, family-farmed, safe, high quality chicken. In support of this mission and in accordance with its authority to regulate the production and marketing of chicken, CFO may develop specific policies and regulations to assist farmer-members in their production of safe, high-quality chicken, which may include mandatory production downtime in the future.