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Industry Transition to Modular Loading

This statement is for advisory purposes regarding an Ontario chicken industry development which may be governed by CFO’s Regulatory System in the future.

May 19, 2016 - Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO) is collaborating with its farmer-members and industry value chain to achieve its goal of continually enhancing quality, reducing risk, improving productivity and building sustainable and profitable growth for the Ontario chicken industry.

Beginning this year, certain Ontario chicken processors have begun a transformation from a crate-based chicken handling, loading and transportation system to modular loading. Over the next several years, it is anticipated that the majority of Ontario’s chicken production will be handled using modular loading systems.
CFO farmer-members are strongly encouraged to work with and collaborate with their processor before making major operational or investment decisions around new barn construction or renovating an existing facility. 
Processor engagement and collaboration will better prepare CFO farmer-members with regard to understanding and being in a position to meet future transition and timeline schedules with regard to modular loading.  Today, there is industry consensus that single storey facilities are best suited to maximize the benefits of modular loading and are the recommended choice for all new barns. 
CFO’s mission is to lead positive change and build value as Canada’s premier provider of trusted, family-farmed, safe, high quality chicken.  In support of this mission and in accordance with its authority to regulate the production and marketing of chicken, Chicken Farmers of Ontario may develop specific policies and regulations to assist the industry to build profitable, sustainable growth. Having or building barns that are properly equipped for modular loading may become a condition of quota allotment in the future.