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Responsible Leadership

CFO has established governance systems and operating principles that strengthen the Board’s effectiveness and accountability, and support it in executing its three primary strategic roles of regulator, farmer-member advocate and industry value chain partner.

CFO fulfills its supply management mandate and obligations under the Farm Products Marketing Act and the Federal-Provincial Agreement, while acting in accordance with the Ontario Chicken Producers Marketing Plan.  The Board derives all its authority from the Act and it reports to the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission (OFPMC). The OFPMC evaluates and reports on the CFO Board’s performance to the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs on an annual basis.

CFO’s is an effective, responsive and progressive regulator that supports the growth, quality, safety, efficiency and reliability of the Ontario chicken industry, while encouraging innovation and competitiveness. CFO understands the importance of its broader role in the economy and is to helping to provide strategy, governance, innovation and results driven leadership within Canada’s supply management sector.