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Board Governance

CFO aspires to be a leader in corporate governance with an experienced and motivated Board of Directors, supported by CFO staff, committed to achieving high standards of corporate governance which reflects not only applicable regulatory mandates and legal requirements, but also evolving best practices. Good corporate governance it is at the core of CFO’s strategy and is solidly rooted in the values of CFO.

CFO’s goal is to be a responsible and progressive regulator delivering effective, efficient and expert supply management system regulation that supports Ontario industry growth, quality, safety, efficiency and reliability, while encouraging innovation and competitiveness.

To support the Board’s role as a regulator and business partner, CFO has developed governance principles and systems that support both the effectiveness as well as the accountability of the organization and its Board of Directors. Effectiveness is measured by performance.

The Board recognizes that good governance is a dynamic process in which the Board must constantly assess the need for change. On an annual basis, CFO reviews its operating principles, policies and practices with the purpose of ensuring that it is meeting its obligations to both its stakeholders and all regulatory authorities.

The following resources provide important information about the Board’s governance vision, policies and practices:

CFO Board of Director Confidentiality Agreement
Our confidentiality Agreement is part of our corporate practices & procedures.
Board Oversight Guidelines
Read our Board Oversight Guidelines
Information Disclosure & Privacy Statement
Read our Disclosure Policy and Privacy Statement
Board of Directors
Visit the Board of Directors section of the website for the 2018-2019 Chicken Farmers of Ontario Board of Directors listing.
Board By-Laws
Visit the By-Laws section of our website to access CFO By-Laws
CFO District Committee Representatives: Charter & Responsibilities
DCRs’ primary function is to act in a consultative capacity with the Board of Directors and with the farmer-members within their districts.
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