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District Committee Representatives 2022 – 2023

One of the Board’s most important stakeholder relationships is with its Provincial District Committee Representatives (DCRs). The farmer-elected DCRs are elected under the Ontario Chicken Plan and have the primary function of acting in a consultative capacity with the Board of Directors and with the farmer-members within their Districts. DCRs are expected to help engage farmers in their Districts to ensure they are aware of CFO information and services. 

To contact a member of the DCR Team, please e-mail any member listed below in the following format:

District 1

Brian Atkinson
Bryan Fieldhouse

Krista Lansink
Adrian Op't Hoog

District 2

Jeff Burgsma
Mark Den Hollander
Ralph Deweerd

Marius Hol 
Don Poelman

District 3 

Carolyn Cornelissen
Jason DeVet
Gord Howe
Jessica Szmiett
Jonathan Giret

District 4

Henk Lise
Darren Kraay
Bruce Van Der Molen

District 5

Melissa Devries
John Kikkert
Peter Koroneos

District 6

Paul Arva
Ryan Game
John Opsteen 

District 7

Jennifer Huberts 
Tony Piller
Jeannette Poole
Alfred Rumph 
Dave Vandenberg

District 8

Steve DeVries
Henry Koskamp
Wendy Lantz
Greg Leis
Ken Levy 

District 9

Marc Bourdon
Chris Klompmaker
Jeremy Prinzen
Hubert Schillings