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Guiding Principles for Corporate Governance

At CFO, we are dedicated to developing our business in a responsible manner in order to safeguard and secure the system's and CFO's reputation, and to deliver meaningful business value. Our Guiding Principles are the necessary practices we need to put into place to underpin our vision of "a growing, profitable and sustainable chicken industry" and to guide our behaviour in a balanced way.

We work together to do the right thing. CFO's Core Values and Guiding Principles for Corporate Governance support this commitment. 

CFO is deeply committed to the following fundamental guiding principles, which are also closely related to the Board's Code of Business Conduct. 

Focus: Regulatory Governance
  • Responsibility and Accountability—The Board conducts itself within the expressed Provincial and Federal framework that authorizes chicken supply management and, at all times, governs itself within the spirit and intent of that framework. CFO is diligent in ensuring that its conduct does not stray beyond the legislative framework and guards the supply management system (the system) for chicken to ensure that it is not operated or influenced in a manner that is not permitted or contemplated by the legislation.
  • Ethics and Integrity—The Board is committed to ensuring that the system and CFO demonstrate the highest standards of ethics and integrity in all business activities.
  • Laws and Regulatory Rules—The Board conducts business with high regard for the spirit and letter of the law, and must comply with all applicable laws and regulations in carrying out its responsibilities. Violations may jeopardize the reputation and interests of the system and CFO, and can result in personal and institutional liability.
  • Fair Dealing—The Board is subject to laws and regulations designed to ensure a “level playing field” for all market participants.
  • Pragmatic, Flexible Conduct—The Board must use best efforts to give equal consideration to all stakeholders, albeit some have greater weight than others.
  • Confidentiality and Security—The Board recognizes its responsibility for confidential, proprietary or personallyidentifiable (“sensitive”) information, and for information stewardship, safety and security. As a rule, the Board will not disclose or share sensitive information with anyone, except to conduct its business or required by law.
  • Disclosure and Transparency—The Board promotes openness and transparency to serve the public interest and is committed to the disclosure of accurate, complete, and timely information about its business. The Board recognizes the importance of good governance and transparent disclosure, which helps stakeholders understand and assess the quality of the system, CFO and its decisions, and to build credibility and trust.
  • Minimum Effective Regulation—The Board will develop and deliver effective, efficient and proactive regulation supported by quality execution in regulatory education, compliance, supervision, and enforcement.
Focus: Delivering on Strategy
  • Growing Business Profitably—The Board works to provide sustainable profitable growth for its stakeholders and the health of the system.
  • Balanced Best Interests—The Board recognizes the role and interests of key players, farmer-members, Board Directors and staff-associates in the exercise of its powers.
  • Evidence Based Decisions—The Board is committed to making decisions that are fact based, experience‑informed, and supported by disciplined, thorough analysis.
  • Positive, Productive Relationships—The Board promotes communication and understanding between industry value chain stakeholders to ensure relationships are based on trust respect, and mutual advantage.
  • Inclusiveness and Consultation—The Board is committed to involving those who will be impacted by CFO strategies, policies, regulations, and standards in the development process.
  • Pragmatic, Flexible Conduct—The Board must use best efforts to give equal consideration to all stakeholders, albeit some have greater weight than others.
  • Consumer Focused—The Board continually provides a strong and sustainable supply of fresh, high quality and locally farmed chicken, enabling the industry to meet current, evolving and emerging consumer markets.
  • Customer Focused—The Board recognizes growth hinges on its ability to provide customer value: ensuring reliable chicken production (production volume and marketing time commitments, consistent quality in line with targeted specifications), implementation and compliance with assurance programs, and by fostering collaboration and responsible relations.
  • Supplier Responsibility—Suppliers have a major impact on Board product supply, quality, and ethical commitments. The Board sets high standards for its suppliers and expects its suppliers to support the Board in its commitment to abide by CFO’s Guiding Principles and Code of Business Conduct.
  • Product Quality and Safety—The Board’s top priority is to consistently supply safe, high quality chicken.
  • Farming Practices—The Board provides the highest standards for compliance of animal husbandry, welfare, disease control and bio-security.
  • Passion and Care—The Board promotes, strengthens, and supports the passion, pride, and capability of all its farmer-members.
  • Risk Approach—The Board actively identifies and manages risks across all aspects of its business environment to safeguard the system and CFO, and to deliver the right outcomes for CFO farmer-members, consumers, markets, and Ontario industry value chain stakeholders.
  • Role and Reputation—One’s reputation is paramount. The Board does not engage in or condone activities or business practices that could cause damage to the reputation of the system, the Board, and to its ability to act as regulator as intended.
  • Conservatism—Strong risk management is the cornerstone of the Board’s long-term success. In managing risk, the Board has a significant bias for conservatism.
Focus: People and Culture
  • Organizational Environment and Value System— The Board fosters a stimulating, creative and nondiscriminatory workplace environment for all its peopleDirectors, District Committee Representatives (DCRs) and staff-associates, while respecting diversity and personal dignity.
  • Excellent People—The Board continually builds business capability and capacity by ensuring the best people with the right skills are effectively attracted, aligned and motivated in doing the right job.