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Leadership Opportunities

Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO) is dedicated to responsible leadership and governance excellence. The CFO governance structure consists of elected Board Directors and District Committee Representatives (DCRs) from across the province. Everyday, this team of strategic-thinking, skilled and passionate individuals help to ensure the Ontario chicken industry continues to be strong, vibrant and, most importantly, an effective network that all Ontario chicken farmers can be proud to be a part of.

This year, elections for Board Directors and DCRs will be taking place in Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. The election process will commence in November/December 2022 and will be completed in February/March 2023. Successful candidates will begin their term at the CFO AGM on March 6, 2023. CFO encourages all farmer-members to consider becoming involved in building the Ontario chicken industry’s future.

Interested in becoming a Board Director? 

CFO has a one-tier governance structure with the nine-member Board having complete responsibility for CFO as the ultimate decision-making body. In doing so, Board Directors are required to act honestly, fairly and diligently, meeting the best interests of CFO. Board Directors are elected by CFO Farmer-Members at District Meetings and serve for two year terms.  

Interested in becoming a District Committee Representative (DCR)?

The DCRs primary function is to act in a consultative capacity with the Board of Directors and the farmer-members within their Districts. DCRs also participate in selected policy and program development work. The DCR experience is a great opportunity for farmer-members to advocate on behalf of their farmer communities, create change and contribute to the successful and evolving chicken industry. DCRs are elected by CFO Farmer-Members at District meetings and serve for two year terms. 


The CFO governance experience is an excellent opportunity for farmer-members looking to:

•    Build good governance skills
•    Foster personal development
•    Be part of a team
•    Further strengthen their knowledge of the chicken industry
•    Contribute to the industry’s on-going success
•    Effectively implement strategic goals and initiatives on behalf of their respective farmer communities

As part of an on-going effort in executing strategy and achieving goals, CFO provides all governance representatives with a suite of tools, training and resources in order to ensure they can be effective in their roles.

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