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Responsible Pricing

Responsible pricing leadership is key to enhancing and maintaining public trust in the supply management system, both today and into the future.

As a responsible supply management system regulator and leader, CFO is committed to strengthening and maintaining a strong supply management system in Ontario - one that effectively adapts to change, successfully evolves, and produces results that make a difference to the total Ontario chicken industry.
Accountability to our farmer-members, achieving the balanced best economic interest of the Ontario industry value chain, and maintaining the public trust, is very important to us. The farm-gate minimum live price is based on the cost of production and is a core pillar of Ontario’s supply management system which drives short and longer-term value creation. Moving forward, it will support the Ontario industry’s profitable growth, productivity, competitiveness, stability and sustainability.
In addition, CFO recognizes its unique accountability to positively contribute to the leadership and stewardship of the national supply management system. Ontario’s responsible farm-gate minimum live price is a significant contributor to the health and success of the supply management system and the industry value chain.

The Farm-Gate Minimum Live Price formula in Ontario was developed following a disciplined, principled, evidence-based process that was highly consultative and collaborative with key industry stakeholders.
The Farm-Gate Minimum Live Price formula was developed to be responsive to ongoing changes in production costs in the market while also encouraging and rewarding innovation and producer efficiency.

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The Minimum Live Price is governed by Regulation 402 of the Farm Products Marketing Act, brought into force by the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission every 8 weeks. LEARN MORE about Regulation 402.