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Biosecurity Protocols for CFO Farmer-Members

CFO Farmer-members must take an active role in protecting birds by employing strict heightened biosecurity measures on-farm. Farmer-members should be very diligent in observing flocks, monitoring mortalities and tracking feed and water consumption.
Should farmer-members suspect any signs of health concerns in your flock, please contact your veterinarian and CFO by phoning the 24-hour emergency hotline 1-877-SOS-BYRD. 

Heightened biosecurity protocols include:

  • Alerting any visitors to the farm that there is heightened biosecurity and keep a logbook of movement in relation to the farm
  • Minimizing visits to other poultry production sites
  • Avoiding exchanging equipment with other poultry production sites
  • Ensuring all vehicles that access the affected site are properly washed and disinfected
  • Ensuring all personnel in contact with birds wear boots, protective suits, head coverings and gloves/hand washing
  • Securing all laneways to restrict all unnecessary traffic
  • Ensuring adequate control of wild birds

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