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It's Still Chicken as Usual on Ontario Chicken Farms

Burlington, ON – April 19, 2021 – It has been one year since the initial onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Chicken Farmers of Ontario’s (CFO) message to Ontario consumers remains the same – it is still Chicken as Usual in Ontario.

Launched in Spring 2020, the Chicken as Usual consumer relations campaign is designed to reassure Ontario families that chicken farmers in the province remain hard at work to ensure a steady supply of safe, healthy, locally-grown chicken continues across the province.

Today, as the province continues to navigate the third wave of the pandemic amid rising COVID-19 case counts including new coronavirus variants, CFO continues to focus on strengthening the Ontario chicken industry.

“Last year was a difficult year for CFO and our farm families and the impacts of COVID-19 weighed heavily on our businesses, industry and communities,” said Ed Benjamins, CFO Chair. “And while we’re still in the thick of this pandemic, we believe there is reason for optimism as we continue to share our farmers’ stories of commitment and dedication to providing safe, high-quality chicken protein to Ontario consumers.” 

Focusing on the health and safety of Ontario chicken farmers, their families, and the animals in their care

Phase 3 of the Chicken as Usual consumer relations campaign will continue to focus on the personal stories from Ontario chicken farmers and will also shed light on areas of their farming operation which have been ongoing even before 2020, including the use of technology on farm, animal health and welfare auditing programs and more.

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