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CFO doubles number of New Entrant Chicken Farmers for 2016

CFO Welcomes four new chicken farming families at the AGM

March 10, 2016 - Henry Zantingh, Chair of Chicken Farmers of Ontario announced at the CFO AGM on March 8 that the Board had approved four applicant families for the CFO 2016 New Entrant Chicken Farmers program.  This is twice the number of applicants than had been approved in previous years.
The New Entrants accepted for 2016 are Niels and Michelle Nielson from Alliston, Ontario, Raymond and Heather Nicholl from Everrett, Ontario, Jonathan Giret from Springfield, Ontario and Brian and Catriona Decaire from Grimsby Ontario.
In the four years since CFO first developed its New Entrant Chicken Farmer Program, the Board has been able to welcome two new qualified farming families into the chicken industry each year. However, the success of the program in generating more strong candidates than could be accommodated each year prompted the Board to review its policy on how much quota would be made available to support the program each year.  As a result of that review, the Board determined that in keeping with the strong current and projected growth of the demand for chicken in Ontario that it was the right time to expand the New Entrant Chicken Farmer Program.  

The new entrant farmers will be provided with a full set of training materials and will be guided and supported by CFO staff as they proceed with their plans to start up their chicken farming operations.  

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