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CFO targets small chicken market as additional growth opportunity for Ontario processors

Burlington, ON - Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO) has announced that it has further strengthened its suite of growth programs for chicken processors by providing a new opportunity to supply smaller sized chickens to meet distinct Ontario consumer markets, such as Portuguese barbecue restaurants or ‘churrasqueiras’. The development of the Small Whole Bird Supply Program follows the recent announcement that the Board has designated the ‘value added’ and ‘ethno-cultural’ market sectors as strategic growth opportunities.

 “Chicken Farmers of Ontario continues to address consumer needs and meet opportunities in the growing and evolving Ontario marketplace,” said Ed Benjamins, Chair of Chicken Farmers of Ontario.  “We have worked collaboratively with industry stakeholders to provide a supply-managed solution and mechanisms required to support this specific consumer market."

“Ontario chicken farmers recognize that while the overall market for chicken is growing, much of the consumption is reflected in ethno-cultural, and/or product-specific market segments,” said Rob Dougans, President and CEO.  “Given the diversity of today’s marketplace, the Board will continue to demonstrate leadership by helping identify these market opportunities, and by putting effective programs in place to make sure they can be addressed by both chicken farmers and processors.”

Consumer markets such as the Portuguese barbeque chicken market are generally distinguished by requiring a smaller chicken than is traditionally grown and processed in Ontario (approx.1.7 kg versus 2.2 kg).  They may also require different processing equipment than is used in the mainstream chicken industry to accommodate the smaller size of the bird.

Information on CFO’s new and enhanced processor programs including the recently announced New Entrant Chicken Processor Program can be found at

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Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO) provides supply management leadership to an evolving and growing chicken industry in Ontario which includes 1300 family farms and supports the most diverse consumer base in the country.  Chicken Farmers of Ontario leads positive change and builds value as Canada’s premier provider of trusted, family-farmed, safe, high quality chicken.
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