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Fraudulent chicken imports undermining domestic industry, farmers tell Ottawa

During CFC’s annual parliamentary education day

June 2, 2016 - The fraudulent mislabeling of chicken as spent fowl to avoid import tariffs is becoming a serious issue for Canada and is costing the country thousands of jobs and lost GDP. That was the clear message that CFO Directors and staff carried to Ontario Members of Parliament during the annual Chicken Farmers of Canada education day in Ottawa. The Ontario team consisting of Chair Henry Zantingh, Directors Murray Booy, Ed Benjamins, Rick Kaptein, and Mark Hermann and staff Rob Dougans and Michael Edmonds along with processor representatives Lucy McKee and Don Kilimnik met with more than 20 MPs on Tuesday, May 31, to brief them on the spent fowl issue and other import concerns that need urgent action.

So called ‘spent fowl’ imports have spiked from 55 million kgs in 2014/2015 to 81 million kgs over the same period in 2015/2016 and now represent an unlikely 113% of all fowl produced in the US. This means that a great deal of this ‘fowl’ is in fact broiler meat and should be subject to Canadian tariffs. Ontario MP’s we urged to support proposals which would certify and test fowl import shipments to ensure they comply with federal import rules crucial to the effective management of the supply management system.

Ontario MP’s were also reminded of the importance of the chicken industry to Canada’s economic wellbeing, nationally supporting more than 70,000 jobs and contributing $5.9 billion to the country’s GDP, almost half of that in Ontario.  

Pictured L-R: Mark Hermann, CFO District 8 Board Director, John Brassard, MP Barrie-Innisfil, Lucy McKee, Cargill.