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Latest news on CP-TPP Agreement and the Ontario Government’s support

A Message from Ed Benjamins: 

To our farmer-members,
On behalf of myself and my fellow CFO Board Directors, we would once again like to express our concerns over the recent decision to include concessions on market access for supply managed commodities in the new Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CP-TPP).
We want you to know that your Board, working alongside our national partners at Chicken Farmers of Canada, is doing everything we can to protect our interests and safeguard the Ontario chicken industry. You can learn more about these efforts by CLICKING HERE.
On behalf of our 1,300 family-run farms, we would like to express our gratitude to Premier Wynne and the Ontario Government for their recent request for federal transitional assistance: 
In 2015, the previous federal government announced a series of new programs and initiatives totaling $4.3 billion for supply-managed producers and processors to support them through the implementation of what was then known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Ontario is calling on the federal government to fulfill these previous commitments to provide transitional assistance that is front-end loaded to help Ontario's automotive and agri-food sectors adjust to the new realities created by the CP-TPP before ratifying the deal. (From the Office of the Premier)
CLICK HERE to review the full statement from the Office of the Premier: Impacts of CP-TPP on Ontario's Agri-Food and Automotive Sectors.
The Board continues to actively monitor all trade negotiations and is committed to keeping our farmer-members informed every step of the way. I would encourage each of you to attend the upcoming CFO Annual General Meeting where the latest information on the chicken industry, in the wake of this new trade era, will be discussed.
As always, please feel free to contact a member of the CFO Board of Directors, your District Committee Representatives, or a member of the CFO staff should you have any questions or concerns.
Your CFO Chair,
Ed Benjamins