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Making the move to CFO Connects – What the farmers are saying!

CFO has been actively rolling out its new electronic business platform known as CFO Connects to farmer-members across the province on a processor-by-processor basis. To date, there is a strong consensus that farmers find the CFO Connects system easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to conduct business with processors and the CFO Board Office efficiently! So far, the transition for most farmers has been very smooth and the benefits of using the new system are tremendous.

CFO Connects was designed in collaboration with the Ontario chicken industry. The original pilot group consisting of Farm Fresh Poultry’s CFO farmer-members began the full transition to CFO Connects in June and provided valuable input on how we could improve the system even further. And we did! Now in mid-August, CFO has made enhancements to the system, making it even more user friendly and easy to access.

The digital transformation is moving very quickly! CFO is pleased to report that more than 200 farmer-members and six Ontario chicken processors are now conducting their chief business though CFO Connects, while almost all farmers and their respective processors will have made the transition to the online environment by the end of this year.  

The CFO Connects Support Team is currently providing a series of easy to access training and support options. The CFO Connects Portal offers an extensive series of ‘how-to’ videos and help links. In addition, in-person, hands-on workshops and online webinar training is available to ensure that all farmer-members understand how to access and operate the system with ease.