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CFO announces upcoming opportunities for women chicken farmers

Chicken Farmers of Ontario is committed to providing engagement opportunities for female farmer-members. The CFO Women in Leadership Initiative was launched in 2016 and continues to grow. The CFO Board of Directors is pleased to announce two upcoming events.

On September 23rd, female farmer-members are invited for an industry tour, which includes a behind the scenes look at Trillium Hatchery and Wallenstein Feed & Supply Ltd. This event is an excellent way to network and build relationships with other farmer-members and industry stakeholders. Interested farmer-members can CLICK HERE to learn more and register.

In October, CFO is sponsoring female farmer-members interested in attending the annual Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference in Niagara Falls. This exciting event brings together women from across the agriculture sector for a two-day conference. 

Once again CFO will host a pre-conference breakfast and workshop on October 28th. To learn more and register, CLICK HERE.


The CFO Board continues to encourage all female farmer-members interested in the Women in Leadership initiative to consider planning or participating in women focussed activities in their local communities. To support these events, CFO has made funding available. Find out more and submit an event by CLICKING HERE.

“Through the CFO Women in Leadership initiative, the CFO Board is empowering women in the chicken industry and fostering a diverse and inclusive CFO team,” said Ed Benjamins, Chair of Chicken Farmers of Ontario, “We are strengthening and growing the chicken industry by better representing different perspectives and experiences of the communities in which CFO serves. We are stronger together.”

“The CFO Women in Leadership initiative continues to gain momentum. Since it’s launch in 2016, CFO has progressively led and supported women’s leadership events in communities across the province,” said Rob Dougans, President & CEO of Chicken Farmers of Ontario, “As this initiative builds and develops, so too does our industry grow – strengthened by diversity and inclusion.”