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National allocations for A-168 set at -2.5%

BURLINGTON, ON – December 3, 2020 – National allocation for A-168 was set at -2.5% below the adjusted base at the Chicken Farmers of Canada (CFC) meeting on December 2nd, 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a dominant force causing much disruption to the Canadian chicken market. Much of Canada is engulfed in a much larger ‘second wave’ with escalating levels of cases and shutdowns which will impact market needs in the near to medium term.
There is much hope on the horizon with high efficacy vaccines nearing approvals. However, mass vaccinations cannot be expected to have taken place in time to affect A-168. Consequently, market needs for A-168 are expected to continue being lower than year-ago levels.
In making its recommendation to CFC, CFO examined current market conditions using available data. CFO also consulted with our industry partners and industry experts and framed its recommendation on a public policy of “balanced best interest” upon weighing the various factors, perspectives and dynamics resulting from the pandemic.
The volumes for domestic allocation, in eviscerated kilograms, for Ontario and Canada are:
            Ontario Canada Growth*
A-168 63,654,660 186,825,701 -2.5%
* Relative to the adjusted base for the period.
Ontario anticipates volume allocations for A-169 will be set at the January 20th, 2021 CFC Board meeting.