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Ontario chicken farms to be ‘Modular Loading Ready’ by 2024

CFO creates regulatory framework for the industry loading and handling system that will enhance animal welfare, support worker safety, strengthen industry efficiencies and support future growth

BURLINGTON, ON - July 14, 2017 – Ontario’s chicken industry is making a major investment in the future. As part of its responsible sustainable production strategy, Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO) has announced that all Ontario chicken farms will be Modular Loading Ready by 2024. Modular loading of chickens at the farm level combined with new handling procedures at the processing facility will enhance animal welfare practices, worker occupational health and safety, industry-wide efficiencies and support profitable, consistent growth.

In order to support the industry transition to modular loading, and following extensive stakeholder consultation, CFO has utilized a “minimal effective regulatory” approach to facilitate the transformation process. The new Modular Loading Regulation will provide a framework for chicken farmers and processors to cooperatively manage the significant transition from the current crate-loading system for chickens to the new modular loading system.
“CFO is committed to providing our customers with Ontario raised premium chicken grown with passion and care,” said Ed Benjamins, Chair, Chicken Farmers of Ontario. “We are transforming the way premium Ontario chicken is grown and processed and the industry decision to transition to modular loading is further demonstration of our commitment to responsible, sustainable production practices.”

“Our industry continues to identify and adopt best practices,” said Rob Dougans, President and CEO, CFO. “The move to modular loading represents a significant investment in the future and will help ensure that this growing industry continues to meet the needs of Ontario chicken consumers.”

The transformation of the more than 1,200 family-owned Ontario chicken farms is expected to take place over the next seven years with the new Regulation mandating that all chicken barns in the province be Modular Loading Ready by 2024. To date, one Ontario chicken processor has already transitioned to the modular loading process, one is in process, and another has announced its intent to begin the transition process.

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