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Premier Ford and Minister Thompson Meet with CFO and Ontario Agriculture Leaders

TORONTO, ON -- November 8, 2022 – Murray Opsteen, Chair of Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO), participated in a roundtable discussion yesterday, hosted by Minister Lisa Thompson and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA).
The roundtable brought together agriculture leaders from across Ontario to discuss key priorities and issues effecting each respective commodity group. The primary topics discussed by the group included reduction in emissions from fertilizer, labour shortages, and processing capacity.
“On behalf of CFO’s 1,300 family-run farms across the province, I want to thank Minister Thompson and OMAFRA, for hosting this roundtable discussion and facilitating further collaboration between leaders in the agriculture industry and the Government of Ontario. We appreciate the productive conversation surrounding issues effecting the Ontario chicken industry,” said Murray Opsteen, Chair of CFO. “Further, thank you to Premier Ford for taking the time to meet with agriculture leaders, and for your support in helping us to continue to deliver high-quality chicken to Ontarians and their families without disruption.”
Premier Doug Ford joined the roundtable and spoke highly of Ontario’s agriculture industry. Premier Ford displayed great knowledge of issues the agriculture industry is facing and discussed the importance of working with farmers and the broader food sector to ensure no supply chain issues.
Minister Thompson spoke largely about the upcoming legislative agenda and invited the group to be a part of upcoming consultation processes. The Minister also reiterated her support for research and innovation in the Ontario agriculture sector – to support sustainability and growth.
“CFO and Ontario’s feather boards delivered a clear and consistent message around support for supply management, granting no further market access in future trade agreements, and provided an update on how the industry is collaborating to effectively respond to the Avian Influenza outbreak to mitigate the risk of spread,” said Opsteen. “In addition to the strong, consistent messaging, the roundtable discussion enabled CFO to demonstrate its strength, passion, and dedication to Ontario's agriculture landscape.”
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