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Recent Processor Acquisition Strengthens Ontario Chicken Industry Growth and Sustainability

ADP Direct Poultry acquires Cami International

BURLINGTON, ON – October 13, 2020 – ADP Direct Poultry has acquired Cami International
Poultry Ltd., to enhance vertical integration between primary processing and further
processing operations.

ADP Direct Poultry is a food processing company that serves the grocery retail, food service,
industrial, and co-manufacturing markets. ADP's three plants are all federally-inspected,
USDA, BRC, and Halal Certified.

Cami International Poultry is one of the few primary poultry processors in Ontario with both
CFIA and USDA certification. Cami's facility produces a premium 'air chilled' poultry product
and has significant capacity for growth.

“Chicken Farmers of Ontario welcomes this announcement as it further strengthens the
growth and sustainability of Ontario’s chicken industry,” said Ed Benjamins, Chair of Chicken
Farmers of Ontario. “Ontario chicken farmers and the Ontario chicken industry are
committed to providing consumers with a variety of choices when it comes to healthy, safe,
locally-grown premium Ontario chicken products.”

The acquisition comes as ADP Direct Poultry advances their strategic plan which is focused
on organic growth, vertical integration, diversification, and branded products. ADP Direct
Poultry has previously acquired Ontario-based organic and natural poultry brand Blue Goose,
as well as New Brunswick based retail and food service deli meat processor Bonte Foods.

“Ontario’s chicken industry is strong, vibrant and continues to grow. The industry supports
22,000 jobs and contributes over $3.8 billion to the Ontario economy on an annual basis,”
said Rob Dougans, President and CEO of Chicken Farmers of Ontario. “We continue to see
the growth and potential of the industry, and this announcement speaks to our ability to
positively evolve alongside consumers, providing Ontarians with a multitude of chicken

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