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Winners of the Feeding the Frontline Campaign Announced

BURLINGTON, ON – August 9, 2021 – Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO) hosted a live draw event to announce the winners of the CFO Cares Feeding the Frontline campaign. The frontline workers selected have won a free chicken dinner for their family and the opportunity to direct a substantial donation of chicken to local food bank or organization of their choice.

“The response to the Feeding the Frontline campaign has been amazing, with over 120 frontline workers nominated, including first responders, health care workers, education workers, agri-food manufacturing workers, community support and social workers, postal and delivery workers, and critical retail workers,” said Andrea Veldhuizen, CFO Board Director for District 4 and Co-Chair of the CFO Cares Working Group. “We would like to thank the farmers and elected officials that submitted nominations, and a big thank you to all of the nominees for your leadership and impact on local communities across Ontario.”

In total, fifteen winners were selected at random through independent draws administered in a live virtual format, in partnership with Feed Ontario representatives who acted as the independent third party throughout the campaign.

The winners are:
Avery Marsh Retirement Home Dietary Aid
Ayrton Stefanos Hospital Security Supervisor
Crystal Vandenbroek Nursing Home Program Assistant
Hannah Reid Registered Nurse
Jeffery Van Niekerk Firefighter
Jenny Kennedy Grocery Store Manager
Jill Kron Pharmacist
Jordan Kroes Paramedic
Krista Scholten Nurse Practitioner
Lisa Peters Registered Dietitian
Lori Mar Educator
Ravinder Palial Nurse Clinical Educator
Roswen Gibbon RCP (Personal Support Worker)
Scott Hole Fire Chief
Tina Raines Medical Office Administrator

“Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all of the CFO farmers and elected officials from across the province that nominated frontline heroes in local communities across Ontario,” said Murray Opsteen, CFO Board Director for District 6 and Co-Chair of the CFO Cares Working Group. “While Ontario chicken farmers continue to work to ensure that it is 'Chicken As Usual' for Ontario families and foodbanks, we also want to recognize and thank all of the frontline workers that continue to help keep us safe, healthy and fed throughout this pandemic.”

Check back on and follow along with the next steps of the campaign on twitter @OntarioChicken #FeedingTheFrontline. A recording of the live virtual draw event is available below.