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Record-Keeping and Corrective Actions

6.   Record-keeping and Corrective Actions

Record-keeping is key to being a conscientious chicken farmer, and is required under the programs the CFO administers. Records allow you to prove that you are doing what you say are doing. The record keeping forms are designed to:

  • Prove that you have control of your operations.
  • Provide a record of what you have done.
  • Provide you with reminders of what needs to be done and to ensure that you are following on-farm food safety, biosecurity and animal care practices. 
While there are forms available in the producer manuals, you can use your own system, provided it meets the information needs of the CFO.
Here are some general guidelines for filling out forms:
  • When you complete an activity, check the box beside it or fill out the appropriate section.
  • Where applicable, write in the date you completed an activity on the line provided. This will be important if you have to show that enough time has passed between certain activities.
  • For any space that does not apply to your operations, indicate this with a stroke or write “N/A”.
Records need to be easily accessible for farm audits and inspections.

6.1 Standard Operating Procedures
6.2 Flock Specific Records
6.3 Flock Information Report
6.4 Corrective Actions