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CFO Women in Leadership

Gender diversity to strengthen the Ontario chicken industry

Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO) is dedicated to responsible leadership and governance excellence. The CFO governance structure consists of elected Board Directors and District Committee Representatives (DCRs) from across the province. Everyday, this team of strategic-thinking, skilled and passionate individuals help to ensure the Ontario chicken industry continues to be strong, vibrant and, most importantly, an effective network that all Ontario chicken farmers can be proud to be a part of.

The CFO Board of Directors recognizes the importance of having gender diverse representation at all levels of corporate governance. Focused on the future, and continually committed to new and robust solutions towards achieving excellence and driving our industry forward, the Board is encouraging motivated farmer-members who are interested in participating in the CFO Women in Leadership governance process to reach out and get involved.


Women in Leadership (WIL) Community Engagement Activities

The Board continues its commitment to CFO’s Women in Leadership initiative by encouraging female farmer-members, who are interested in this initiative, to plan and participate in related activities in their community. Funding is available to support the development and participation in activities in each district.

Below please find the fillable PDF version of the Women in Leadership Community Engagement Activities Plan and the steps to apply for support. We encourage you to discuss your ideas with your district Directors and DCRs. Please be advised that the plans will be reviewed by the CFO’s Board of Governance and Leadership (G&L) Committee for final decision.

WIL Community Engagement Activities Plan – Instructions

Step 1: Research potential events and activities in your community. If you would like assistance in identifying activities or have any questions related to this initiative, please contact Pat Shanahan by the email below or by telephone at 289.288.4244.
Step 2: Download the WIL Community Engagement Activities Plan PDF by clicking the link below.
Step 3: Complete all applicable sections. Please be as detailed as possible.
Step 4: Save the completed PDF to your computer.
Step 5: Submit completed plan and any additional supporting documents (if applicable) to

CLICK HERE to download the Women in Leadership Community Engagement Activities Plan